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Interested to perform in-depth Investigations?

Cryptocrime Investigation Suite allows Organizations and individuals to investigate and protect oneself from cryptocrime.

  • Check against our vast database of intelligence not limited to malicious wallets (TRDB)
  • Visualize money laundering patterns and interaction with threat actor wallets (CATV)
  • Proactively detect the level of risk associated with threat actor wallets (CARA).

Choose the monthly subscription model that best fits your needs!

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Keen to track your cases?

A tool that allows users and organisations for an automated monoitoring of transactions pertaining to cases/incidents belonging to Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The monitoring stays active for a period of 7 days for receiving detailed information about the different VASPS and receive notifications in an extensive dashboard.

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USD 25 per case

1 Case (7 days)

Automated monitoring of transactions pertaining to 1 case

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