Crypto Analysis Transaction Visualization

See the bigger picture of cryptocrime with Crypto Analysis Transaction Visualization (CATV), our visualization tool that makes it easy to detect Suspicious Patterns and Malicious Wallet Activities of over 13 Cryptocurrencies and their tokens. Using our proprietary algorithm, CATV leverages our in-house Threat Intelligence (TRDB) to flag cryptocurrency addresses that have engaged in Malicious Activity, allowing users to gain insight into transactions, understand Money Laundering or Terrorist Financing patterns.

With its powerful visualization features and insights into where a wallet receives and remits funds, CATV is the ultimate assistant for your Cryptocurrency investigations.

CATV GraphCATV GraphBlacklist Card GraphCATV Graph
CATV Graph
CATV Graph
CARA GraphCARA GraphCARA Graph

Crypto Analysis Risk Assessment

Crypto Analysis Risk Assessment (CARA) is a leading-edge tool that leverages Machine Learning Algorithms to analyse any given cryptocurrency address to proactively Identify Malicious Wallets with High Risk. The tool continuously learns the Behaviours of known Malicious and Benign wallets to proactively identify previously Unknown Malicious wallets. With a Risk-Based Approach (RBA) that aligns with FATF Recommendations, CARA helps users identify potential Money Laundering or Terrorist Financing activity associated with specific cryptocurrency addresses.

Trust in CARA to give you the critical insights you need to stay ahead of potential threats.

Crypto Asset Monitor Service

The Crypto Asset Monitor Service (CAMS) tool provides insights showing where a given origin transaction hash is transferring the funds. The CAMS tool provides crypto transaction (almost) real-time tracking, analysis, and visualization that leverages a proprietary algorithm using our Threat Reputation Database (TRDB) to red flag crypto addresses that have engaged in malicious behavior and VASPS. The CAMS tool can help its users track funds to known VASPS in order to aid the users in their process to receive more information about the cybercriminal and try to recover/freeze funds as much as possible.

CAMS Graph

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